About Rewriting Sherlock

Hi, I see you are interested in this blog. You see, people just don't simply open an about page.

As the name suggests, Rewriting Sherlock is a blog where I literally retype Sherlock Holmes books. Each post is the result of me retyping a story for 10 minutes. That might cause confusion and will make reading difficult, but I'm not here to provide you with Sherlock tales; my only aim is to up my typing game.

Why Sherlock? Well, I need something that is not copyrighted and interesting. At least I can enjoy good stories while doing all the work.

How do I (re)write the stories? I follow a "guide" by this massive Sherlock fan on Quora, basically about how to enjoy SH the best. I believe him--he founded a Sherlock fansite so who am I to judge.

What if I ran out of Sherlock materials? That would be ideal, and I might as well stop retyping.